A Very Dark October

As the end of the month silently but vehemently creeps up on us we’ve been doodling up outfits and seeking out gloomy nooks and crannies in which to play out our darkest desires. Here we’ve collated some of the best Halloween party tips, tricks and treats for seeing you through All Hallows Eve in all its ghoulish glory. If you’re as big of a fan as I … Continue reading A Very Dark October

Immerse Yourselves in our World

We, at Festival in a Box, are great fans of the theatre. We love the entire experience…from the beautiful hush that sweeps the audience as the lights come down, to the first tense moments as the actor steps onto stage. The interval ice cream and applauding those that have captured your imaginations. We love to be invited into a new world, told the story of … Continue reading Immerse Yourselves in our World

What we think 2016 will look like…

Happy New Year folks! Here at Festival in a Box HQ we are gearing up for another year of fantastic festivals, eclectic events and wildly inventive weddings. We’ve pulled together our thoughts on the colours, themes and elements of what we think the events in 2016 will look like. CARNIVAAAL!! 2016 is the year of the Rio Olympics, so Summer parties will reflect the colour and show … Continue reading What we think 2016 will look like…

A little Festive Inspiration

Well here it is folks. It has been lurking around the corner for some time and now it’s hurtling towards us at a rapid rate! As much as we try we can’t help but slowly get sucked into the Christmas spirit this year. The fairy lights are gradually creeping their way around the office and we may or may not have found ourselves sipping on mulled wine … Continue reading A little Festive Inspiration

Our Essential Kit for the Festival Season

With the season just around the corner our thoughts are turning to how to survive another season out in the great British countryside. There are many festival survival kits out there – all very good for your antibac needs and quick wash fixes but not very glamorous unless you relish the thought of feeling like a wet Labrador for three days straight. Our (rather tongue … Continue reading Our Essential Kit for the Festival Season

Shhhh…. It’s a Secret Event

Picture this: you’ve been told a time and a place to be; you arrive and are stripped of your clothes and possessions and shuffled onto a blacked out bus; you reach an unknown destination and are pushed into crowds of prisoners to be ridiculed and mocked. Do you have your library card? You’re going to need it. With the sale of the ever popular secret … Continue reading Shhhh…. It’s a Secret Event

The Circus Is Coming To Town

January and February is the time of year when the worldwide acclaimed Cirque du Soleil come to town and dazzle audiences with their beautifully choreographed acrobatics and terrifyingly daring high wire work.  Cirque du Soleil is one of the largest theatrical producer’s in the world and they describe themselves as “a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment”. They celebrate circus arts from all … Continue reading The Circus Is Coming To Town