A Very Dark October

As the end of the month silently but vehemently creeps up on us we’ve been doodling up outfits and seeking out gloomy nooks and crannies in which to play out our darkest desires.
Here we’ve collated some of the best Halloween party tips, tricks and treats for seeing you through All Hallows Eve in all its ghoulish glory.


If you’re as big of a fan as I am at donning your fineries, this time of year is a dressing up box delight. As we’re swiftly nearing the 31st, it doesn’t have to be tricky and time consuming figuring out this years outfit – buy a face painting kit and get practising.  Check out some of the few inspirations below.






Themed dinners are ok every day of the year for me. But on Halloween is where we get to really have some fun. And we’re not talking tacky plastic orange and severed finger sandwiches – only the most creative canapes reside here.
Wasabi devilled eggs, eyeball caprese and witches broomsticks all make for brilliantly inventive bites.




We love this ghoulish pizza!
Check out these recipes on our Pinterest page.
 As October babies, we’ve always dreamed of a dark and freakishly themed Festival in a Box – a recent event (that sadly never came to fruition) focused on the very fine line of the magical and the eerie that straddled the high wire of the circus.
Recently the scary clown phenomenon has been sweeping the country – embracing an eerie circus theme wholeheartedly.
.For this particular event, guests arrived and were plummeted into an immersive Victorian side show installation that was designed as a maze to thrill and terrify before reaching the main event housed in a majestic and imposing Big Top circus tent. Here, a three course dinner served in the strangest of ways before mayhem, magic and entertainment ensued.
 Always delicately balanced between fear and delight.
Enjoy your All Hallows Eve!





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