You are cordially invited to…

At Festival in a Box HQ, we are quietly ramping up for a Spring wedding next year and excitement is gathering around the beautiful hand drawn invitations we have just seen the finals of.  Since the last week has been filled with varieties of card stock, the smell of industrial ink and a rather severe case of envelope tongue we thought we would share with you some festival style paper (and other!) goods that have been inspiring us this month…


We just love this vibrant, colourful, fun invitation set!  Bold fonts and beautiful drawings make this brilliant invitation pop.

Invite_06_1000       Invite_02_1000


Hand drawn maps and are a Festival in a Box speciality! Perfect to send out with your invitations and give your guests the heads up on logistical information – as well as highlighting all those beautiful, fun and quirky details you’ve worked so hard to include. We do love a good map.

A Festival in a Box hand drawn map.



Wood, Lace, Chocolate?! You name it. Someone out there has thought of it, written on it and invited people to a party with it. For those of you who wish to go for the slightly less traditional route and get creative with your invites. We particularly love the edible invite…    



d9f087ea143411130e8a9451bec38b1c         373d86d18c900ff0501497e384eb78f6


Now these are just inspired. The film roll, the message in a bottle, the Viewmaster?! WE LOVE. A chance to flex those creative muscles and think way out of the box. Imagine the look on your guest’s face’s when getting one of these delivered through your letterbox!

ff831a184737920784a02e30440e78b0       795cd220fa98774e34dc7cdab21c397a      grid-cell-22189-1373309814-25

grid-cell-27054-1375286295-6      grid-cell-8994-1375299825-10


A festival style party wouldn’t be complete without wristbands and laminates. We really love designing unique and colourful artwork to give your event a true festival flair. A perfect keepsake for your guests to take home and a lovely surprise to send out with your event invitation – or even AS your event invitation. Two birds…One stone!




Images courtesy of Festival in a Box and Pinterest


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